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Amy Boatman

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The Obligatory Intro Post

My name is Amy and I'm a Texan living in New Zealand. Texas is a great country state to be from but New Zealand is a much better place in which to live. It's small and therefore easily traversed. It's full of every type of landscape you could possibly want. The people are laid back and friendly. All in all, it's my favorite place to be. If I could just get my friends and family down here, it'd be perfect!

My MichiKiwi partner, Shannon, and I love to travel. We love to meet new people and see new places. We love to camp and hike and just generally traipse around the countryside experiencing everything this country has to offer. As we researched various areas to visit, we found very little realistic information online about the various campgrounds. Do the toilets flush or plop? Is there a view or will you wake up floating in your tent? Can you drive in or do you have to haul your crap a half a kilometer to your spot? Camping is so much more fun when you expect the unexpected. So, the TexaKiwi Travels blog was born.

I'll be posting about the campgrounds we stay at, the parks we visit, the hikes we go on, and anything else related to the Great Outdoors™ that catches my fancy.

I hope you enjoy the trip! Maybe we'll see you there!