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It's About That Time

I started my new job at Starbucks on the 26th. The class has been alright. I’m not really good at sitting in a classroom but it was probably the best training class I’ve been in for years. Plus, there’s some really great people in the class. It’s kicking my ass having to get up so early and it’s only going to get worse. My new shift’s gonna start at 6am. 6am! Fuck that’s early! I also have to work weekends. Shift bids are done every three months so hopefully in April I’ll get a better shift. I was really bummed to get such a crappy shift, especially since I was told right after I was hired that I’d have at least one weekend day off, so I came up with a list of things that are good about coming in early and working weekends:

  • I’ll be working a similar shift, including weekends, with my classmates. That’s the best thing.
  • There will be plenty of onsite parking.
  • The gym is pretty empty around 3pm so I’ll get right on the machine I want.
  • It’ll still be light when I get off.
  • I’ll get to go to lunch around 10ish so it won’t be so crazy in the kitchens and in the cafe. 
  • The weekends are really laid back. I can wear sweats and look all slouchy. 
  • There’s no bosses there on the weekends. 
  • The building is almost empty so I can explore in peace.
I’m sure there’s more but right now they elude me. I’m looking forward to getting down to the real job though. The classroom stuff is over. We start talking to real people on Monday. We’ll still be in the classroom with mentors though. Now if I can just keep myself from saying “Ummmm, wow, I have no idea” in response to my first question, I’ll be doing good.

Not much else going on in my life right now. I get up really early, I go to work, I come home, I go to bed really early. I go to my Tuesday night NA meeting which I love. I’ve missed the Thursday writing get together lately but hope to get back at it. A couple of Wednesdays in a row, I got to go to a women’s treatment center and share my story. That was awesome! I really enjoyed that. It’s great getting to share my experience, strength, and hope with other people. Now I just need to find a sponsor here. I’m not sure why I’m reluctant but I am. I have someone in mind I want to ask but I haven’t done it yet. We’ll see.

I’m so happy today is Friday. R and her friends are gonna get mani/pedis tomorrow and then go to the thrift stores. They’re looking for sweaters to take apart so they can use the yarn for other things. It’s really pretty funny. Anyway, I’m getting some alone time!! Woohooo!! I’m hoping to finish Family Guy. That’s a damn funny show! Tomorrow night, we’re gonna go see The Golden Compass and then Sunday, hanging with the mother-in-law for her birthday.